March 19, 2008

DIY: Smelling Bottles

I am so thrilled to have found these nifty mini salt and pepper shakers at my local Jo*Ann's.

They only measure a couple of inches tall. The lid at the
bottom can hold spices, herbs, or even a cotton ball soaked with scented oil. The best part, they are only $1 each. I was able to use my 40% off coupon that came in the paper and a M*chael's coupon as well. I paid full price for the rest of them but you can definitely just buy a couple at a time. ;-)

(I didn't realize that I didn't take a picture of the pepper shakers.)

Even at $1 a piece they're definitely cheaper than these. So run to the store and get yourselves a set.
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Panda-Mom said...

Hi! I just commented in the Lounge about the new group. Can't wait to get to know you and your sweet daughter even better! ; )