November 30, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Fall Wreath

Last year Mrs. Wilt made a fall wreath for her front door and I loved it so much I went out to the craft store and purchased supplies to make my own. Well, they sat in the closet for a whole year collecting dust. This year I decided to give it a try and to my surprise it only took me 15 minutes to put it together. I wanted to be able to reuse the grapevine wreath for other seasons so I didn't glue anything down - just tucked things in. The bow I made with my bowmaker and wired it in place. I also got the slate tablet but can't find the wire to wire it in place. Oh well. I am so proud of my wreath. It does look a lot like Mrs. Wilt's wreath and that's ok because I love everything about her wreath so why not make mine just like it?

Please check out Shereen's blog if you'd like to join the fun or check out others crafty goodness.

1 comment:

MommaofMany said...

That's lovely! Are you going to do one for Christmas? I'll bet you could sell those lovely creations!